Autumn Equinox: Slow down + turn inward

As the end of summer approaches it’s time to slow down, quiet the mind and set new intentions. The Autumnal Equinox falls on Saturday, September 22 and marks the day that the earth begins to tilt away from the sun. For many of us summer is a busy time, with school holidays in full swing, hot days and jam-packed schedules. As the nights become longer and the air cooler we are ready to embrace the transition from summer to fall. Autumn Equinox is a time to contemplate and turn inward as you prepare for the colder months.

To help direct your awareness inward this Autumn Equinox here are three yoga postures that will help you cultivate stillness and settle into the changing of seasons.





It is important to move into these postures slowly to allow time for the muscles and joints to warm up. Once you are in the pose, focus on each breath as you work to lengthen with each inhale, and deepen into the pose as you exhale.


Have a journal close by so you can write down any significant feelings or thoughts that arise and intentions you would like to set. Write down a few thoughts before you begin and see if anything changes after your practice. 




Balasana | Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is a very calming posture if you are feeling the effect of seasonal changes. It is the perfect resting pose as it cultivates inner discovery and a stronger connection between your mind and body. As you release your forehead to the mat, breath deeply into your belly and relax into the earth. 

Uttanasana | Standing Forward Bend

Begin the fold with your knees bent and your belly supported by your thighs. This will allow length in your spine and as gravity pulls your torso to the floor, begin to straighten your legs. On your inhale draw energy through your feet up the back of your legs and along the spine. As you exhale release this energy as you fold deeper into the pose.

 Janu Sirsasana | Seated Head to Knee Pose  

Press your knees towards the floor and flex the toes of your straight leg towards your hip. Bring your hands to your shin and on an inhale lengthen your spine by pulling your heart toward the front of the mat. On your exhale maintain a straight spine as you slide your fingers down your shin towards your foot.


As we transition from light to dark, sun to moon, yang to yin, remember that like these postures we need time to travel inward, breathe and contemplate. By giving ourselves this time we follow our truth, connect with our inner voice and find our center. This allows us to flow with ease from season to season.


Happy Equinox!


Written by Alyce Neal