Each year holiday season seems to find a new and efficient way to creep up on us. Whether you’re an avid gift giver or struggle in that department heavily, Meraki has a few pointers that will inevitably lighten your load.

This year we are inspired by the Hydro flask campaign focused on giving the gift of go. Giving the gift of go takes away the stress of wondering if you’ve managed to get the perfect gift and shifts attention to the multitude of ways to spend quality time with loved ones.

Great sentiment right?… So, how do we put that idea into action? I’d advise coupon cards, which can be easily and thoughtfully customized by using sites like Canva. Here are a few things that might get the wheels turning:




We say yoga class, but this can be applied to any fitness class. Buy a drop-in class for you and a friend, taking time to carefully select the class that would most benefit the gift recipient. If they’re stressed, try a Hatha or non-heated flow. If their energy is a bit low, pop into a Vinyasa or fusion flow. If you’ve got no idea what to drop in for, call the studio where there will be someone eager to help you pick the perfect class.

Many studios, including Meraki, offer class packs. Buying a class pack to share with a friend is a unique and special way to connect meaningfully during the holiday season. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with someone who otherwise might get lost in the shuffle and business of the season. Make sure your planner is cleared for a good chunk of time so you aren’t rushing to the class, but have time to chat before and after.





Ever curious if the items you gift are put to use? You can eliminate this doubt by purchasing gear and committing a time to embark on an adventure that will put the gear to use. Take time to plan out a hiking/ camping adventure. Hammocks, frisbees, and card games are another way to facilitate quality time through a gift.

If it’s the thought that truly matters, a gift like this will show your loved ones that you care about gifts, but that time spent together is what’s most important to you.




People inherently bond by sharing experiences, so why not try something new. Whether it’s trekking to a new national park, going site seeing in a nearby city or state, or buying a flight out of the country on a whim, travel plans are a great way to share an experience. Headlamps, backpacking packs, and camping gear, in general, is always a good gamble, especially during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if the trip is months out, but getting one step further by buying a flight or some gear is an exciting way to show someone that you care.

If an extreme destination is out of reach, try a new spot in town. The key with this type of travel is to make a whole day out of it. Breakfast in bed, card games, you name it!



Why, you ask, is it so important to emphasize sharing moments like this and strive to give the gift of go? In a society that is rapidly shifting technology addiction to a common normalcy, it has become even more difficult to be disconnected from our electronics.

Yes, your niece probably liked the sweater, and your significant other the watch, but what if you challenged this gift paradox by gifting an experience! Let’s see… with this type of gift you can expect: less stress, more fun, and amazing memories that will last a lifetime!




Interested in trying this method with everyone? Great idea!

If it appeals to you, talk to everyone you’re planning on exchanging gifts with and tell them about the new shared experience guidelines.

All of us here at Meraki are excited to hear about how this adds a loving and uplifting energy to your holiday season.


Written by Meraki Teacher Aliya Gorelick

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