Summer is upon us, and with these beautiful warm days comes the desire to spend most of our free time outside. This means we tend to avoid indoor activities like our yoga practice. Maintaining our practice during these hot months is not only important physically, but mentally as well. With the longer days and increased activity, being able to visit the yoga studio to slow down, move, and connect with our breath becomes even more important. Giving ourselves this time helps to cultivate a deeper connection with nature, prevent injuries and allow us to acclimate to the summer heat. Below are the top 4 reasons you should stay on your mat this summer!

1. Your good habits will transfer into the other aspects of your life. 

We know that being well hydrated for your practice is essential to how you feel and preform in class. Preparing for a heated class by drinking plenty of water the day before will set you up perfectly to continue hydrating outside of the room, helping you feel fuller for longer and giving your skin a healthy glow! 

2. A consistent yoga practice can help prevent injuries. 

Summer is full of outdoor adventures in Colorado! Whether your hiking, biking,golfing, running, or on the lake (to name a few), maintaining your studio practice will enhance your flexibility, strength, and athletic ability.Your increased physical abilities plus the awareness built with breath, movement, and consistency of yoga practice will reduce your chances of injuries, and ensure a full summer of enjoying the outdoors. 

3. Supports your body as it acclimates to the summer heat!

Your body will be ready for the outdoor heat if you continue to build your tolerance for heat by warming it internally and externally with yoga. You also learn to practice focused breathing exercises like Alternate Nostril Breathing which creating a cooling effect by simply using your breath!

4. Community!

At Meraki, we strive to connect with our students and hold space for our students to foster connections with each other. Continued connection with your community by taking classes in the studio or joining us for one of our Yoga on Tap classes this summer will only strengthen your practice for the Fall/Winter months. 

Written by Meraki owner and teacher Rachael Butts

This summer join Rachael on the mat:

Mondays, 7am Vinyasa 1 & Noon Vinyasa 2

Tuesdays, 5.45am Vinyasa 2 & 9.15am Fusion

Wednesdays, 5.30pm Vinyasa 1 & 7pm Vinyasa 2

Saturdays, 9.15am Vinyasa 2 & Saturday 1.30pm Vinyasa 2