It’s almost Summer,  which means it’s time to pack away your winter workout gear and bring your tank tops and crop tops to the front of the line. We all know there is nothing like a wardrobe refresh at the start of a new season so we have found easy, versatile, mix and match pieces to give new life to your look.


Here are three fitness fashion trends to keep in mind while your shopping for new Summer apparel:


  1. Show a little leg! Been avoiding the cropped pant aisle at lululemon? This Summer, it’s the place to be — grab a pair (or two) and give those gorgeous legs the spotlight!
  2. Easy Breezy! Not every piece in your workout closet has to be form fitting and snug. Try a loose, flowy top and bring a little movement back into your wardrobe.
  3. Accessorize! Say “YES!” to a versatile clutch, scrunchie (yes, they’re back!), or water bottle and add that finishing touch!



If you’re a neutral girl, this one is for you! Finish it off with a Summer glow and you’re good to go!

Apparel: The Local | lululemon

Mala: Meta Mala


A subtle pop of pink? We think so!

All Product: The Local | lululemon

It’s all about the accouterments!

Mat, Block, Towel, Scrunchie: The Local | lululemon

Tote: Meraki Yoga

Want more help finding exactly what you need and more? Head to The Local lululemon Fort Collins for a personalized and fun shopping experience that will satisfy all of your Summer wardrobe needs!


Written by Meraki owner and teacher Adrienne Hoxmeier

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