Awaken your divine feminine

“A shift in energy is always followed by a change in reality.”  Panache Desai  


Divine feminine energy has been with us since ancient times. It is a path to our higher self and healing of the soul. It connects to part of our consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, empathy, creation, community, sensuality and collaboration.  Although it may seem like a new age buzz word, tapping into and embracing this energy will allow you to create a deeper awareness of self. It can also bring about a stronger connection with mother earth and help to enhance relationships and career.


Divine feminine energy is in all of us. Male and female. In yoga these energies are known as Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Ida and Pingala. The left side of our body, feminine and the right masculine. Not only is this energy the sacred connection to birth and life it guides us in birthing ideas, expressions and dreams.


When you connect with divine feminine energy your ego diminishes. You feel harmony, balance and peace which enables you to live in a higher state of awareness. Here you will make decisions based on heart which will manifest happiness into your daily life.


This weekend we celebrate all the mothers in our lives, which makes it the perfect time to honor and connect with the divine feminine within us all. Below are 4 simple ways to do this.




Because of our lifestyle and environment we are often disconnected from the earth. When was the last time you remember feeling the sand/mud/grass between your toes? As the weather warms up, earthing is a great way to reconnect with mother earth and our divine feminine energy. Science has shown that rooting your bare feet into the earth creates a strong positive shift in the electrical state of the body by transferring electrons from the earth into the body.

Earthing is simple. You can make this process as easy as taking a barefoot stroll in your backyard while consciously feeling the sensations of every step. You can also take your yoga practice outside and stand in mountain pose/tadasana, which is one of the most direct and powerful connection to the earth’s energy. Lizard pose/Utthan Pristhasana is another great one to try. This re-energizes the entire body, especially the womb and heart space.

You can incorporate a mantra of your choice while practicing earthing. One of my personal favorites is the chant, “the earth is our mother, we must take care of her. Her sacred ground we walk upon with every step we take.”

Most importantly have fun with it and let the healing energy of the earth fill you up!




Music is the perfect accompaniment to meditation. There are many guided meditations you can find online to activate, connect and honor your divine feminine energy. If you have a particular song, album or sound that resonates deep in your soul, listen to this. Focus on your breath and let the flow of the music take over. Below you can play and listen to one of my favorite songs to guide you in musical meditation. The Beautiful Chorus is a twelve woman music group that has created a galaxy of sound for every mood including Hymns of Spirit, Mantras in Love and Sound Healing: Cymatic Meditation. Whatever you like listening to, music is a powerful tool in helping you connect with divine feminine energy and help to release and clear suppressed emotions.




In our culture we are taught that negative emotions are a weakness. If we are not coping well, having a bad day or feeling angry, jealous, sad, etc. we tend to push these feelings out of our minds. This creates stress and disconnect within ourselves. If we are cold, we turn on the heat. If we have a headache, we take a pill. It is uncommon for us to acknowledge and sit with any sort of discomfort for long periods of time. By honoring all emotions we create balance and harmony. When we hold space for ourselves and others to feel all emotions we can more easily connect to our higher self and the divine feminine.


You can practice this by pausing on any negative feelings and emotions when they arise. Acknowledge what has surfaced and feel it. Breathe through it. Question it and let it unravel as it needs to. You may be surprised to learn that when you start to accept all emotions you are more in tune with your needs and intuition.




I recently read that self-care is how you take your power back. When you forget to look after yourself it creates blockages that manifest in many different ways. Health, emotions, family and friends are all eventually affected when we fail to put our own needs first. To align ourselves with divine feminine energy we must remember to nurture and care for ourselves.  


There are many ways we can practice this. It may look a little different for everyone. Start by listening to the messages your body is giving you. Our body holds wisdom that, when we listen allows us to create balance and bring health into all areas of our lives. Here are a list of great ways to take some time out of your day and look after you!


  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Take a bath
  • Get out in nature
  • Journal (write down your thoughts, fears and dreams)
  • Drink water
  • Do something physical, get your body moving
  • Practice yoga & meditation (our favorite)
  • Read a good book
  • Listen to music
  • Unplug for a day 
  • De-clutter
  • Give yourself permission to do a hobby or activity that you enjoy
  • Soak up some sunshine


Written by Alyce Neal