What the body needs: Probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria in our digestive tract that allows our bodies to absorb nutrients and build a stronger immune system. Research has suggested that probiotics can help a variety of things in our line of health such as: digestive issues, acne, brain fog and even our mental health! When we have a strong production of probiotics, it helps regulate and produce the B12 in our bodies, which sustains our energy throughout the day too. It has been said, our gut is our “second brain,” which makes the urgency to take care of it even more profound. Our gut produces both bad and good bacteria. Some suggest the ratio should be 85:15 good to bad bacteria in our gut.


The next time you are at the grocery store look for probiotic rich foods to help your overall health and boost that ratio. Here are a few items to look for:


Goat Milk Cheese and Yogurt



Apple Cider Vinegar


Even finding a probiotic supplement can be beneficial to your overall health!


When we take a moment and create a holistic intake of nutrients for ourselves throughout the day, not only do we reap the benefits physically, such as looking good and managing a healthy weight, but we feel better physically, mentally and emotionally too!