Renewal and the End of Darkness

For many of us, we experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity as the viewed the solar eclipse. The moon gently covered the sun, and we watched in awe and in wonder. The solar eclipse for many of the cultures throughout the world, this was significant.

The solar eclipse symbolizes a new year for some. Others, hid in their homes praying to their gods the sun would be born again. Some cultures mourned the darkness. Some feared darkness would linger forever. Whatever your culture one thing was for certain, darkness was here.

The truth is, darkness was here. Maybe that darkness still exists for you.
The other truth is, light found its way back around.

It took time. It took patience. It took endearment and awe as we waited and wished for it. But the light still came back.

What is fascinating about the solar eclipse that took place is that in 2019, other places of the world such as South America and Asia will be able to experience what we experienced a few days ago.

Although they did not experience it at the same time as us, they will experience the same thing. When looking at it from that perspective, that is the most important lesson of all from the solar eclipse — we don’t all experience it at the same time, but we will experience the same thing. The darkness. The light.

Sometimes it takes many years for light and darkness to become a part of our daily lives. Sometimes darkness and light are just moments that pass swiftly, but stay long enough just for us to notice and reflect.

Every time this moment shows up in your life, I hope you feel renewed and in awe. Be in awe with the fact that as a human you are capable of feeling a variety of things, in varying levels throughout time. Even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time, what a wonder it is to be so connect to someone or something in this world that makes you feel.

We were advised to have special glasses when viewing the eclipse, what if we took that advice in our daily life? What if the glasses we wear on a daily basis consists of compassion and understanding? For ourselves and for others. The solar eclipse taught us that we will experience it all, but not all of us will experience it at the same time. That is true for life too. When our personal eclipse happens and darkness looms, we hope those around you are wearing their glasses. Similarly, someone you interact with today is hoping you see them with those same glasses too.

The darkness and the light will always be around you, and it is never too early or to late for your renewal.