What the body needs: Hydration

It is no secret that hydrating is one of the most fundamental things we can do for our bodies, especially during these very hot days! But let’s be honest, it isn’t always easy to get the amount of water we are supposed to. For some people, water is not the first choice when it comes their drink throughout the day, whether it is because it doesn’t provide them with the same buzz as coffee, it isn’t as soothing as tea, or perhaps it isn’t as flavorful as a lemonade.

But is there a way for us to stay hydrated throughout the day without having the daunting fourth glass of water? Next time you are looking for that extra hydration try incorporating these fruits and vegetables into your meals or even as a snack!

Cucumbers — 96% of cucumbers are water … need we say more?
Watermelon — 92% of watermelon is water, it also has beta-carotene and vitamin c!
Strawberries — 92% of strawberries are water and full of antioxidants to show your body some love!
Celery — 95% of celery is water. If your body is losing water and salt you might need to replenish it with electrolytes, and celery is there to help replenish levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

You can hydrate by eating these fruits and vegetables or you can infuse them in your water throughout the day to give your regular water that extra kick. Our bodies are made up of 80% of water, we must fuel it with itself to work properly, with its best self in motion — and now it just got a lot more tasty!