Our Inner Solstice

Last month, we were visited by the Summer Solstice; it reminded us that although it may feel like the day may never end, a new one is always around the corner waiting to breakthrough — waiting for you to break through. Less noticeable there is a genuine sense of grace when it seems as if time is ticking more slowly. There is a humbleness in knowing that we still have time to change.

Before now, it was whispered amongst ourselves and those before us, that change occurs when something revolutionary happens. A new job. A new relationship. A new year. A new place. Perhaps, we wait until the anniversary of our births. So we wait, we wait until it seems like the perfect time to make that change.

But what if we can make that change right now?

Summer solstice comes around once a year, and people celebrate it with festivals, rituals, reciting their favorite poems, meditating or even exploring a new yoga sequence. For some people it is an important day.

It is their new beginning.

And while it is a physical reminder that the seasons are changing, is it possible to see it as reminder to yourself? We too are changing. Constantly. Unlike Mother Nature, the seasons within ourselves are not as linear or predictable. Some of us are in a season, and we are trying to find a way out — looking for the next solstice. Others of us are anxiously awaiting the change — a change for the better, or just something different. The season we might be experiencing right now might be uncharted territory, or it might be a season that comes around every now and then. Our season may be faster than it has ever been in the past, or slower than we are comfortable with. It might be calling us to sit still a little longer, discovering what home is for us. Or it might be a season of discovering the world outside of our home. No matter what season we are in, it is the right season for you, in this moment, but don’t let that be the reason why we don’t risk change.

That change, doesn’t have to wait. Summer solstice tells us, there is still enough time. Being the longest day of the year, time seems invincible. And throughout the day we are given a new chance to change every minute, every hour. The skewed sense of time during this day, gently reminds us we can try and fail, try and make a mistake, and try again because there is still enough time in the day.

Every day, the sun comes up as a reminder to say, “I am here. A new day has broke, and this too is your breakthrough if you want it.” Throughout the day, it waits and waits, seeing what will we do, here on Earth with our day. The sun never rushes to go down, nor rushes to come up, serving as another reminder that there is still enough time.

Walk throughout your day knowing there is enough time. To do something different, seek out what you need and to change what needs to be changed whether it is a perspective, our mood, the things in our lives. Our physical Earth waits for the solstice, but that doesn’t mean that we have to too. Maybe you’re not ready to make that change quite yet, and that is okay too. Because tomorrow, the sun will break through and rise again, as if it is whispering to us saying, “There is still enough time to change.”