Elevating Practice + Growth

As the temperature outside continues to climb, we find the excuses to stay off of the mat a more accessible. Yes, it is so very hot outside, why would I choose to stay inside where it is even hotter? This year, we are choosing to be intentional about staying on our mats even through the summer heat. We are so lucky to live in such a place as Fort Collins. The beauty is endless and the trails never get old. How could you not be inspired to go on a bike ride a few miles long when it seems like everyone else doing it too? So why stay?

For the elevation.

When thinking about elevation, the word often associates itself with something outdoors or even a business plan. Rarely ever do we think about it as a personal attribute. To elevate means to “lift something to a higher place.” After all, isn’t that what we want for ourselves? Isn’t that why we come to our mat?

It is going to be hotter. Perhaps stickier and there will be more sweat. Yoga sequence will remain true to itself, guiding us to growth and inquisitiveness just as it did when spring first broke, when fall chilled the air and winter seemed to last forever. So we invite your to find yourself elevating in the elements of summer on and off of the mat.

When we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable, we grow.
The discomfort that we feel? should be welcomed with a sense of gratitude — thank you for showing me all of the ways in which I can expand.

Often times, we get stuck with allowing discomfort into our lives because like so many other things we face in this world, it feels like we have to barter, “If I grow in this area, then that must mean I start to dwindle in this other area.” As we begin to play the “this or that,” game inside of our heads we lose out on realizing that when we elevate, we are elevating all pieces of ourselves at once.

By staying on our mats this summer, we are not losing out on the wonderful outdoors and abundance of sunshine. It is the quite opposite. In fact, by staying on our mats we reap the benefits by allowing the expression of the sun to feel warmer on our skin. As we take the trail up the mountain, we know that by opening our hearts with our shoulders resting wide, we are able to breathe into our thoughts such as joy and gratitude a bit deeper. By staying on the mat this summer, we are more aware that as the days of summer tick down, and the need to get everything in at once prevails that it is, in fact, okay to stop and just breathe. To be in the moment.

This summer we invite you to elevate. Elevate your practice by staying on the mat. Sweat a little more. Allow your soul to be elevated, by simply growing into the discomfort. The elements around you feel different, and are different in the summer. Instead of putting it away until the next season, invite it into your life, on and off of your mat to see how much you can elevate yourself this season.

We are challenging ourselves to do just this, 20 classes in 20 days. Visit the studio to learn more about the Sweat + Soul Challenge.